Rainy Summer Day


When it rains in the summer… I like it. Not only is it cool, but, it reminds me of the season soon to come. Bummer summer still, summer 2016 is probably just going to be another regular boring summer for me….Is it just my life that seems to be in repeat… Or never moving at all?


Bummer Summer

Ugh, summer days same to be on repeat for me…Everyday is the same, morning night…Where are the days of cute guys, beaches, sandy shores, island breezes, iced tea with umbrellas and salty ocean waters??? Where are the night of camp parties on the beach dancing to DNCE’s latest hit? Where is the summer I hoped for?!?!?!?!? AND ITS ALMOST OVER!!! Is it just me having a crap summer?


Summer 2016

Summer 2016

Summer, days on the beach, where the aquamarine water crashes on the sandy shores, the tide flows in and out, gently over the grainy white surface known as the sand…Don’t forget the sun, which warms the earth, the sand, the water, and also gives you the summer tan you’ve been craving, especially if your one to have really pale skin…I don’t, I have coffee-colored skin, so saying I want  a summer tan is the understatement of a century… I live in the tropics, so summer time is pretty cool over here, cool as in , summer is everyday. Except as I’m not in high school any more and going to college soon, i doubt I’ll have summer breaks like the great ones I did when I was in high school. Then again, they weren’t even that great… So I have still yet to have the summer of a lifetime… i hope it’s this one, Summer 2016!